Løv is Zen / 3.5 oz metal tin

Løv is Zen

Organic herbal tea

Made of rooibos, Løv is Zen is a delicious relaxing blend of apple, orange and caramel flavors. Rooibos is a naturally caffeine-free plant, native to South Africa. Løv is Zen can be enjoyed throughout the day or in the evening to relax. The orange gives this delicious blend a slightly tangy flavor. Pieces of apples and caramel soften the blend and give it an even warmer feel. Løv is Zen is the perfect drink to help you find calm and serenity. This fruity cocktail is also delicious as an iced tea.

Ingredients : Rooibos*, Apple pieces*, lemon balm*, blackberry leaves*, natural orange and caramel flavors. * Organically grown products

3.5 oz metal tin



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