All my Løv caffeine-free gift set

All my Løv caffeine-free gift set

Assortment of 24 tea bags

The All My Løv Gift Set brings together 12 of the best caffeine-free Løv Organic teas. With pure herbal teas, flavored rooibos, fruit teas fruit and functional blends, this gift set offers a wide caffeine-free range to be enjoyed 'on the go' or to be shared with friends.

It contains 2 bags of each of the following varieties:
Løv is Good, Løv is Zen, Løvely Night, Exotic Fruit Tea, Wild Berry Fruit Tea, Citrus Fruit Tea, Rose Rooibos, Almond Rooibos, Pineapple-Mint Green Rooibos, Fennel-Anise, Linden-Rose, Verbena.



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