Citrus Fruit Tea / 3.5 oz metal tin

Citrus Fruit Tea

Organic herbal tea

The Citrus Fruit Tea is an invigorating caffeine-free cocktail that can be enjoyed at any time of day.
At the heart of this Fruit Tea, discover a tasty and vivifying citrus trio: the tangerine flavor complements the sweetness of the orange while a tart hint of grapefruit awakens the taste buds.
Invigorating and revitalizing when served hot during the winter months, the Citrus Fruit Tea can also be prepared as a refreshing ice tea to be enjoyed during the summer, and it can serve as an alternative to your fruit juices when enjoying your breakfast!

Ingredients : Apple pieces*, hibiscus *, rosehips*, chicory, orange zest *, natural tangerine, orange and grapefruit flavors. *Organically grown products.

3.5 oz metal tin



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