Løv is Pure / 4 oz Metal Tin

Løv is Pure

Organic herbal tea

Combining green tea and mate, Løv is Pure has a fresh flavour with apple and citrus fruits.

This blend’s ingredients are not only delectable; they are also packed with health benefits making Løv is Pure the perfect drink for a detox:
- Green tea is rich in antioxidants known for their purifying properties.
- Mate, which comes from South America, is renowned for its stimulating and appetite suppressant qualities.
- Apples and citrus fruits give a refreshing note to the blend.

Løv is Pure makes for the perfect herbal tea to reinvigorate the body.

This summer, served iced, Løv is pure can help you cool down in a heat wave whilst also helping to maintain a healthy body.

Ingredients : Green tea*, apple pieces*, green mate*, natural citrus fruits flavours. * Organically grown ingredients

4 oz Metal Tin


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